You Won’t Believe How Much of Your Portfolio Should Be in Gold According to This NY Times Bestselling Author

Robert Ringer has long been a lightning rod for controversy, first hitting the New York Times bestsellers list with his book Winning Through Intimidation (which is probably not what you think it is about) and two more times after that initial publishing success.

Ringer has long been contrarian in his thinking, seeking to look for patterns in history and human behavior instead of what is popular in the media.

And he says at 5:30 in the video below that you should hold at least 50% of your portfolio in gold.

Whether you are of the opinion that your personal gold reserves should be 50% of your portfolio, Ringer, in a quick nutshell, outlines solid reasoning as to why owning physical gold is a smart move in protecting and maintaining your wealth.

Because, as Ringer points out, we don’t measure the price of gold by the value of our paper money; we measure the value of our money by the price of gold.