Why Are These Major Banks Involved in This Scandal And What Does It Mean For You?

On another bit of news that you won’t likely ever hear in the “mainstream” media, several of the largest banks in the world, including the Bank of England, have been implicated in the Forex trading scandals for trading with insider information.

Now, what makes this especially disturbing is that Forex markets, being a currency trading market are relatively unregulated, so they should be a place where currencies can reset to their actual value.

But, no. Now we have evidence of insider trading in these markets, providing yet another reason for you to maintain a placeholder of value outside of a banking system.

Gold and silver are, obviously, ideal for this in that, in a crisis situation, they will return to their actual value in your ability to buy food and gasoline and resist the impact of inflation to maintain your wealth.

If you haven’t started to diversity into gold and silver and other precious metals, now is an ideal time to do so.