What is the Real Reason Germany is Moving Slowly to Repatriate Gold?

Dmitri Speck is a gold market analyst from Munich, Germany, and the author of The Gold Cartel. Amongst the accusations and allegations as to why Germany has been so slow in repatriating their gold from the Fed in New York, a common theme is that the Fed is restricting the gold outflow.

Speck sees differently.

At 1:18 in the video below, Speck says that he believes that the German central bank is repatriating German gold slowly because they don’t want to give the impression that there is distrust between central banks and not because the Fed is preventing Germany from accessing the gold.

Speck continues to discuss the suppression of the price of gold (to give the impression that the U.S. dollar is strong relative to gold). Basically, it sounds like it’s a game of countries seeking to repatriate gold while depressing gold prices to prevent panicking the public.

It may time to buy gold, if you haven’t already.