What is the Real Reason Germany is Moving Slowly to Repatriate Gold?

Dmitri Speck is a gold market analyst from Munich, Germany, and the author of The Gold Cartel. Amongst the accusations and allegations as to why Germany has been so slow in repatriating their gold from the Fed in New York, a common theme is that the Fed is restricting the gold outflow.

Speck sees differently.

At 1:18 in the video below, Speck says that he believes that the German central bank is repatriating German gold slowly because they don’t want to give the impression that there is distrust between central banks and not because the Fed is preventing Germany from accessing the gold.

Speck continues to discuss the suppression of the price of gold (to give the impression that the U.S. dollar is strong relative to gold). Basically, it sounds like it’s a game of countries seeking to repatriate gold while depressing gold prices to prevent panicking the public.

It may time to buy gold, if you haven’t already.

  • Eli Dumitru

    The theory that Germany is intentionally going slowly on repatriating it’s gold from the Fed ignores the fact that Germany asked for all of it’s gold back at once and the Fed refused. This sort of attempt to re-write history is so blatant that the real question here is why have you decided to publish such obvious crap?

  • olf

    I think the reason America could not transfer the gold back is, because there is none to give back. If there is any gold at all, in Fort Knox it’s not enough to cover the dollar. When they finally reset the dollar as well as other currencies gold and silver 500 or 600 %. That is why the powers all over the world are working with the digital currencies, land, and people not metals, diamonds, or jewels.
    I believe that is a scary thought, but these power drunk people are evil. God guide and protect us. Amen

    • Clint

      It is a scary thought, but the FED has no requirement to back the dollar with gold or anything else. Truth is our money has no real value.

      • Holy Joe

        Under Obama The Government of the U.S.A. has become about as fiscally reliable as the Weimar republic of Germany in the 1920’s. Soon we will be able to use dollar Bills as attic wall and roof insulation like the Germans did.

        • rightsmite

          Next time you have a dollar bill or any bill, look at the top of the bill and see the words, “NOTE”. That means it’s a debt. You don’t see the words Silver or Gold certificate on our paper money any more because you could not exchange it for Gold or silver because there is none ! So basically that dollar is literally not worth the paper it’s printed on.

      • olf

        That is true, but that is why they are shuffling properties (countries) and people rather than gold and silver. By the way, this Federal Reserve name should be replaced by something like World Bank Brokers. That is a private owned and operated system, and nothing to do with the power and peoples law of this country. So looking at this as a cattle ranch with people on it is how they see it. Hint “obamacare” Everything in that deals with people in a cattle ranch style investment.

        • ADRoberts

          I misread at first. I thought you said World Bank Robbers.

      • MIKE6080

        it is a piece of paper backed by faith in this government- now isnt that scary

        • Clint

          You got it!

      • ADRoberts

        And when that reality is revealed it all collapses.

      • ADRoberts

        And the more they spend, the higher the deficit, the more QEs, the worse it will be when it happens. And that is the plan. These problems have happened before. But most of the previous presidents just LEFT IT ALONE. And it corrected itself.
        The TWO who refused to leave it alone, are FDR and Obama. Both actually make the situation much worse.

    • shamu9

      “The Red Shields” The Banksters control the World!

      • David in MA

        & Illuminati

    • David in MA

      The American dollar is not backed by anything but the Full Faith & Credit of the federal government, as far as value, not worth the paper it is printed on. An American dollar is worth a dollar because we believe it is. Ever since Nixon took it of the gold backing.
      As far as gold in Ft. Knox, I doubt if there is ny left there, the federal reserve took it, Obama took it and the Rothschild/Illuminati has it. (well, except what Obama has sent to Indonesia for his planned retirement….. (be hard to access it while in GITMO though)

      • olf

        You are correct. I know we are off the gold standard, and that was a mistake.
        The point was making is, the deals made are not traded in dollars, it’s dealt in people, land and natural resources, “We the People” and any other land and humans they choose.
        I believe one of the reasons the federal government is blocking all of wild and unpopulated areas is because they have been moving the shells of the shell game around with the backing of those lands. They have ran us so far indebt 20 trillion not counting SS and MC, and union retirement money programs. How else are the creditors going to get paid ?

      • wdcraftr

        Our Elitist Govt. people have built an underground Hwy, from Maine to California, with a few underground cities as well, fully self sustaining, and food for 20 years or more I’m sure.. Maybe it even runs under the White House too.. Was the gold used for that? Had to cost a trillion dollars for that.. One thing wrong with it though, is it can’t hide from God, and imagine an earthquake underground collapsing on them.. Didn’t I read that something like 7 trillion dollars is unaccounted for in Govt. spending?

        • Clint

          This tall tale requires much tall proof! Sorry about that, but I have heard or read some tall ones in my 70 years, but I believe this one is about as far out there as any I am familiar with.

          • wdcraftr

            Clint,,, There are you tube videos showing these, just look for them.. Of Google a search..

    • ADRoberts

      They could have lived on a budget. But these people just could not resist the temptation to spend for their own advantage. And as long as NO ONE was monitoring them, they get away with it. Right now, they are desperate to stop the AUDIT THE FED because they know that as soon as the world knows what they have been doing for ONE HUNDRED years, it will ALL explode. And THEY will be blamed.
      I think that right now they are trying to find places to go to and hide. But you can be sure, THEY will be taking gold with them.

  • geezersister

    What gold? Would anyone but me be surprised that the current White House resident hasn’t spent it all!!

    • william lee henry

      it was long gone before obama became prez

      • Kenyan Mocker

        Nixon took us off the gold standard.

        • ADRoberts

          That has no relationship to the supply of gold. It simply stopped anyone from asking for gold in exchange for paper.

          • Kenyan Mocker

            Where was supply mentioned in this string?
            One needs to understand the relationship of events.

          • ADRoberts

            The supply of gold IS the crux of the problem. If it is not there, that means that our government took what is NOT theirs and disposed of it in some way. The supply of gold has and always will be backing for paper money. If you have gold in you reserve, the people of the world will be more inclined to have faith in your paper money. But we have no way of knowing with the Fed. That is because the Fed has refused to let anyone see what they are doing. THERE IS NO ACCOUNTABILITY. And that almost certainly leads to abuse. If the gold is gone, did they dispose of it for the sake of the country or for personal benefit?
            And what happens to the economy of the whole world when we find out the gold is GONE. That is not a NOTHING. That means panic. Is that logical? Probably not. But it will happen.

          • Kenyan Mocker

            You may recall it was said our GDP was what backs our dollar.
            I disagree with that concept.
            We do need to audit the FED and confirm the gold reserves we have. Not just ours but those we hold for other nations.

          • ADRoberts

            Yes, they have all kinds of statements as to where the value of money comes from. Sometimes you will hear that the money ONLY represents debts across the nation. That is why they claim that if everyone does like I have and refuses to be in debt PERIOD, the economy would collapse.
            I am guessing. I think that once we left the gold standard, we have NOTHING to back our money except the FAITH of people that the paper has value. And that faith is VERY fragile. When, not if, people lose faith, there will be runs on banks, like is going on right now in GREECE.
            That is what is headed our way.
            By the way, if you checked, a LOT of rich are putting their money in things that will hold value.
            1. Gold and silver
            I add others for poor folk.
            2. Guns.
            3. Ammo. You don’;t have to have a gun for it. It will be for barter
            4. Food
            5. Real Estate
            6. Any essential that is necessary for survival
            You will note that ALL of these things are items that the government is setting up to CONFISCATE. Agenda 21 will take away the land, along with property taxes Food will be taken under an EO that Obama has signed. Guns and ammo, that is obvious.
            And Gold has a precedent by Lincoln and Franklin Delanor Roosevelt, the communist. They confiscated the gold and then allowed the value to almost DOUBLE.(Roosevelt) That is theft.
            As to the other nations, they have been told that the gold is not there. And the only reason they don’t take action is that they were explained what would happen to the entire world, IF it were revealed that the gold is all gone. Now China is not part of this. They are taking our money, from buying the JUNK and buying TONS of gold. They are planning to make their money into the WORLD RESERVE CURRENCE. Then they will dominate us.

          • Janice Williamson

            Why then, did our money say “Silver Certificate”? We took it off silver so because we didn’t have enough; too heavy to carry??

          • ADRoberts

            The silver certificate that I still have say that you can demand silver in exchange for the silver certificate. That could not be allowed since silver was much more valuable than the silver certificate. Besides, the government was going off of ALL precious metals and forcing us to accept the value of the paper
            That is my take. It is not verifiable because it is just an opinion.

  • jmortensen

    We probably have no gold to send back .. this corrupt government has spent or sold it all .. why is any one surprised .. remember the day when business was done with a handshake, and your word was your bond ? When this government expelled GOD from the mix, and “We the People” allowed it, our course has been down hill .. Turn back to GOD and the SON, JESUS CHRIST or see this Nation rot away like all the others that folded without HIM !

  • Kenyan Mocker

    What needs to be done is force politicians to disclose not just their worth but what holdings they have. That would include all family trusts and trusts they would benefit from. Now some would say that is too intrusive. Easy answer, if you don’t want to disclose stay out of politics.

  • otoman

    Why is every word out of a bureaucrats mouth a lie???

    • Francisco Machado

      Because the truth won’t get them what they want. Or get them elected – in which case they wouldn’t be bureaucrats. I don’t believe you couldn’t figure that one out.

  • Eldred Coot

    There ain’t no gold in them hills or Fort Knox either. It was stolen long ago by the upper army brass. It is guarded more ferocious than ever so no one will know the coffers are empty.

  • ADRoberts

    There is a simple answer. The gold has been sold several times and there is little or none left.
    They can’t get what is not there. Our federal reserve should NEVER have been trusted. The ONLY one who does not need someone looking over their should is GOD.
    And when anyone else is NOT being watched closely, they WILL cheat.

  • me

    gold is way to high its only going to go down

    • Kenyan Mocker

      Doesn’t matter what the current price of gold is. What will matter is when paper is worth nothing or next to nothing you’ll need something to use that has value. Ammo may be worth it’s weight in gold, or at least silver.

  • Wapitiman

    I believe there is no gold left in Ft. Knox ! Prove me wrong, Uncle Sap…prove me wrong ! I dare you!