Warning: Dollar Collapse Begins Shortly…

CIA Insider Warns Dollar Collapse Now Imminent

New Guide Reveals Top Alternative To The US Dollar

This is probably the most important guide you will read this year. What you do with this information could mean the difference between losing up to 80% of the value of your IRA/401(k), savings and investment accounts or protecting your hard-earned money.

You see, the last three years have been brutal for the US Dollar, hitting it’s all time low. And China is ruining everything with their secret deal with Russia to buy oil using the Chinese Yuan. Just this year China warned the US that it may halt the purchasing of US Treasuries and on top of that their recent imposed tariffs may be the final nail in the coffin for the US Dollar.


What will this mean for everyday Americans?

The US Dollar may lose its coveted status as the World Reserve Currency and up to 80% of its value may vanish OVERNIGHT.

Keep in mind that when the dollar tanks so do any investments priced in US Dollars including stocks, bonds, pensions, annuities, money market funds and even Social Security.

Why is this Dollar Collapse Unavoidable?

To put it bluntly there are Nations on this globe that would like to see the US lose its domination as a Global Superpower. Over 70% of our money is held abroad and when those dollars come home to roost the effects will be DEVASTATING.

What is the US doing to stop this?

Nothing. The national debt is a ticking time-bomb with the US owing OVER $21 TRILLION. No nation has ever come back from a crisis like this. Since 1971 when we came off the gold standard the US Dollar has lost 98% of its purchasing power.

Remember the Weimar Republic? The Argentina Peso? The Zimbabwe Dollar? The Russian Ruble? All these nations faced a similar demise when the law-abiding citizens of these countries were forced into underground bartering just to meet their basic needs.

But there is something you can do to protect your dollars & even profit from the crash…

Gold & Silver. When the dollar finally croaks Gold will still be there like it has for over 4,000 years. Since 1971 gold has increased over 3800% and many experts predict the price of gold could soar well over $8,000 if the dollar collapses.

There’s a reason Central Banks and nations like China are stockpiling gold at an alarming rate.

While there’s still time: I’m offering US citizens this COMPLETE GUIDE to surviving the impending dollar collapse. And I’m making it available to you – for FREE.

In this 25-page guide you’ll discover how gold can protect you against an impending dollar collapse and why it has tremendous growth potential.


Plus, this guide reveals the little know IRS Tax Law that allows you to move your IRA or 401(k) into an IRA backed by PHYSICAL gold & silver – without creating a taxable event.

This could be the last opportunity you have to prepare before it’s too late. Remember: it’s better to be a week early than a day late. I urge you to get informed and get prepared.


David Buchanan
The Hartford Gold Group

DON’T DELAY: Once China gets its way with its gold-backed Yuan it may be too late to protect your hard earned dollars and take advantage of this huge opportunity. Click here to get your FREE GUIDE.

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