Obama’s Nasty Parting Gift for Trump to Hurt Millions of Americans

Obama’s Takes Final Parting Shot at Trump… May Cause Huge Damage to Economy… Here’s the Few Who May Say “Thanks Obama” – And Mean It!

After eight long years of expanding government reach, you’d think Barack Obama would be winding down during his final days in office.

Instead, Obama is pushing through even more legislation, most recently with five massive “midnight regulations” that will cost billions.

While the move may hurt millions of people, Obama’s sneaky trick could turn out to be an unexpected gift for one group of Americans…

Sacrificing Financial Security on the Altar of Environmentalism

Obama’s final regulatory earthquake benefits the Environmental Protection Agency, among others. These latest regulations involve:

  1. Methane Production on Public Lands: $2.4 billion and 82,170 hours
  2. Renewable Fuels Standard: $1.5 billion
  3. Stream Protection: $1.2 billion and 218,000 paperwork hours
  4. Offshore Oil and Gas Leasing: 7,056 hours
  5. Renewable Development on Federal Lands: 47,112 hours

One estimate says these regulations will cost $5 billion, and more than 350,000 paperwork burden hours.

Obama’s Gift to Trump: A Hobbled Economy

The worst part of these regulations is that they will strain the U.S. economy without providing any stimulation.

In fact, it’s hard not to think Obama knows how damaging this regulatory push could be, and that this is like dropping a time bomb in Donald Trump’s lap simply to improve Democratics’ chances in future elections.

There’s no doubt that Trump will fight to undo these new regulations when he takes office. But can he act fast enough to keep the economy safe?

The Few Americans Who May Say “Thanks, Obama” – And Mean It

Obama may be leaving us with a slew of new economy-crippling regulations, but there’s one group of Americans who may end up benefiting from the debacle.

That’s because, as these regulations take effect (even as Trump tries to chip them away) the economic slump that may result could be a huge boost for gold, and most importantly, those who own gold.

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But I must remind you that there may not be much time left to begin moving into gold. There’s no telling if or when Obama’s latest regulations will cripple the U.S. economy. But if that time comes, it could trigger a major downturn that cannot be slowed or stopped for years.


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Peter Reagan
Birch Gold Group

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