NY Times Bestselling Author’s Predictions for Gold in 2015

Jim Rickards, the New York Times bestselling author of Currency Wars and The Death of Money, has some definite views on gold for 2015. His thoughts?

Buy it, and buy it now while you can because once the price starts to take off, it will be hard to find.

Why? Rickards maintains that we are in a currency war and that we saw a weak dollar in 2011, then a strong dollar, and he expects that we’ll see a weak dollar again.

And Rickards isn’t the only one seeing a strong 2015 for gold. Lawrence Williams, Consultant Editor for Mineweb said, “[T]here are certainly many factors to be optimistic about if you are a gold bull.” He goes on to mention the demand from both India and China for gold and how geopolitics, especially in Ukraine and Crimea, are playing out.

Now is an ideal time to strengthen your buy in to gold.