Is the Dollar About to Be Replaced by This New Gold-Backed Currency?

Karen HudesIn the video below, Karen Hudes says the Bank of International Settlements (BIS) is bankrupt and that the dollar and other paper currencies will soon be replaced by a new gold-backed currency called the aurum. Susan Duclos writes:

In Karen Hudes latest webcam release from December 4, 2014, the World Bank whistleblower explains that the time has arrived, the new currency which will replace the dollar and other fiat currencies, Aurom, will contain gold within the currency itself. Karen explains how this will occur in an orderly manner in an attempt to prevent the US greenback from fully crashing, and updates us on the new “coalition for the rule of law.”

Here’s the full video update:

  • How is the government going to back a new currency when we are don’t know for sure if they have any gold to back it with?

    • Wayright2

      What we will be getting is a revolution.

    • Bill_Randal

      Recycled paper?

  • Tree Mon

    gold-backed bonds….

  • In about 1931 the US Government became bankrupt and it sold/gave all its AU (Gold) to the private Federal Reserve Bank so they would float trillions of dollars in loans. The US doesn’t have any gold until it confiscates/steals all of the private gold held by businesses and people in the USA. It’s rather doubtful the US Government will actually place any gold metal into any coins. They will use bigger lies to make people believe there is some form of AU backing electronic currency but there won’t be any. Why do you think the Germans were told they can’t get any of their AU before about 7 more years time passes? It’s because there isn’t any gold in Ft. Knox (or anywhere else for that matter that USA can return to the Germans.

    • 1TrueOne55

      You forgot that FDR confiscated a lot of the Gold in 1933. Recently there was a family that inherited some Gold Dollar coins that their father had put in hiding. When they found them they asked the Gov’t to determine whether they were real or fake. Instead the Treasury Dept. confiscated them since they were considered Gov’t property, the family was not allowed any value since they were illegal to own after the 1933 Confiscation Order.

      • Victor Ericsson

        That family was just plain stupid. NEVER TRUST THE GOVT.

        • jlp5871

          It is not the goverment it is the criminals that have names and draw a government checks. The ones who are elected and then rob the people blind. LOCK AND LOAD

          • festmatt5440

            Our forefathers would be using ‘ their guns by now .

          • ELVIS

            I agree!

        • mustangsallyann

          Agreed. I’d have never gone to them for a determination and why didn’t a jeweler have the resources to find out the value without the government’s involvement. It might really have been stolen, no one could be that stupid. In that case, looks like karma may have finally caught up.

      • William Walter

        I remember the man was a jewler, & it was assumed it was stolen. Can’t recall the details. Would be interesting to find how it was stolen from the government. The indians will not accept payment for their sacred Black Hills, & the billions? sit unclaimed.

  • Victor P. Bundy

    There is a pitition online demanding that obama and his administration devulge how much gold is in Fort KNox, as of yet the feds won’t say. Doubt there is anything in there since no more visits are welcome there for several years now.

    • otoman

      “several years” How about decades! The feds will show the gold, through a thick glass window. But it will be lead bricks painted to look like gold! There is no one in congress smart enough to know what to look for! Unless they allow an independent audit, with most bars randomly tested, I am with you and will not believe it exists in Fort Knox, New York, or even in America! Any which way, The feds lose. If the gold is there, people will wonder why the feds are holding 8000 TONS if it is no longer useful as “money”, as the feds preach. If it is not there, then the world will go crazy and start dumping dollars, as if they are not already, and buying gold with those dollars! It is a win-win for gold bugs!

      • Gold plated tungsten since tungsten has almost the same density as gold. Nixon sold our gold to foreign countries for $35/oz to try to maintain the value of the dollar until we ran out of gold. Then the dollar had to “float”.

    • William Walter

      Maybe Bond, James Bond, didn’t stop Goldfinger at all.

    • newsnose

      Until the Fed. Reserve is abolished we have no control. The World Bank does. All we have is advisers(in name only) to the F.R. The true power lies with the World Bank. Do you not think this is why every president since has not pushed for the New World Order? Increasing entitlements, overspending and now the influx of thousands of illegals to take more from our economy have been steps to ruin our economy putting us at a level of a third world economy making it easy for them to declare an emergency and “needed guidance” for survival. America will never be the same until we are rid of the socialist in power.

      • newsnose

        I forgot to add that JFK was the only president to ever write legislation to call for investigation of the F.R. and signed it the day before he was killed. Johnson quickly did away with it and hushed it up like he did the investigations of the shooting.

        • Victor P. Bundy

          Ouyr goverment has always been corrupt but this time with obama it involves terrorists and muslim that he is flying here on the taxpayers dime also the UN are pushing them here as well. The illegals from over 75 different country’s will bankrupt the welfare system and grind the economy to a hault. 51% of Americans are already on some kind of goverment assistance and obama and congress are loading more people to finish the job so to speak. If we wait for congress to arrest this fraud muslim prez that was no even eligable to be the prez it will never happen. A revolution will be the only way to clean house..If the citizens are not ready to fight for thier freedoms then we will have to get ready to bow down to a king or dictator. I for one will not but can’t do it alone. This nation and it’s citizens are in more danger than they know or will admitt.


        You cannot rid yourselves of the dollar because you keep using it, and accepting as payment.

        • newsnose

          Todays dollar is fiat money – not backed by gold or anything else – it has no true value. Closing the Fed. Reserve would mean replacing it with what we once had like the Silver Certificate or Treasury Note which was backed by gold. We therefore would have a dollar and one that had a true value.
          By issuing control to the Fed Reserve and World Bank we have given up control of our finances as they control it and do not account to this nation for the status nor if there remains any gold in Ft. Knox – did they take it, give it away or ??? The taxpayers deserve to know.

  • tomas rader

    So what are my gold and silver certificate currencies worth … they were redeemable in gold in 1933 in $20 bills. How much gold bullion weight did u get in 1933 for a 20 bill? That would be the legal and common practice acceptable? Say at $35 per oz it would be $20 face value /$35 ( per oz 1933) = .5714 × 28g = 16 bullion grams, so $1200 (current price per oz) × .5714 = $686. ? So a 1933 $20 gold certificate with PVIF applied is worth $686 in current value or 16 grams of pure gold? (pvif is present value interest factor). It’s a term under accounting principles … GAAP … generally accepted accounting principles. I guess foresight in 1933 should have a big payoff huh? The GAAP rule of all entities are considered an ongoing biz concern is out of the question after 2008 and derivatives were conceived. Before any of u knukleheads want to debate it … I didn’t cheat in college, had profs that cared, biz dept had the highest CPA first time taken pass rate of any university in my state, and still have all my major text books. Circa 1978 … yea the bitch carter years… when the greenhouse threat was shilled out. Accounting comes in very handy in electrical spreadsheets for bidding projects … always within 5% of my competition. U can’t cheat in physics or math. U can only change the definition of a word.

  • [email protected]

    this woman cannot be trusted . She is notorious for disinformation and disregard what she has to say..