The Surprising Reason Deutsche Bank is Selling a Nearly Brand New Gold Vault

Not many people can  say that they have their own gold vault, especially one that was owned by a central bank of a known country.

But now you can.

You can own Deutsche Bank’s barely-a-year-old gold vault in Singapore for a measly £4,500,000 (approximately $6,822,000). Or best offer.

Now, granted, not many people have that kind of spare cash laying around, but, if you want to protect large quantities of precious metals (up to 1,500 tonnes of gold), this could be a great option for you.

On a serious note, one has to wonder why Deutsche Bank is closing and selling this vault when it is nearly brand new. To quote a German regulator:

“[P]recious metals manipulation was worse than the Libor scandal.”

So, precious metal manipulation is turning around and hitting the banks, too. With this much manipulation in the pricing of precious metals, one may begin to wonder what the central banks are running so scared about.