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Former Soros Associate Says Gold Headed Above This Level

A former business associate of George Soros - who just accurately predicted the Q3 GDP number - now has a prediction for the price of gold in the short to medium-term future. Victor Sperandeo, who manages over $3 billion, has 45 years in the money management business, and has worked with business icons such as ...

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Shift In These Traders’ Positions Could Mean Big Bounce in Metals Prices Soon

A recent change in the amount, type and number of short commercial positions on gold and the US Dollar should give optimism to gold and silver investors. Here's the report from Jason Goepfert at SentimenTrader and King World News: "... commercial hedgers have been dramatically reducing their short positions recently in the silver market. The commercial shorts ...

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This Chart Shows That Gold Prices Are On the Verge of New Bull Market

If you've been depressed because of the downturn in gold and silver prices, you're not alone. However, research from a European firm may signal brighter days for silver and gold bulls soon. Here's the "Happy Days May Be Here Again" report from King World News and Incrementum AG Lichtenstein: "If one compares the world gold price to the ...

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You Won’t Believe What This European Central Bank Did After Auditing BOE Gold Reserves

Many gold and silver analysts have questioned the "official" inventory of American gold, supposedly held at Fort Knox. Now more questions have arose after a (alleged) recent audit of the Bank of England's gold reserves by Austria's central bank; questions asked by metals blogger Koos Jansen, and . Here's the report from "I (we) first learned ...

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Demand For These Type of Coins Soar Due to Political and Economic Turmoil

Recent economic and political turmoil has led to much higher month-over-month demand for gold and silver from the US Mint. Here's the story from the SRSRocco Report: "U.S. Mint Silver Eagle sales surged in the first half of October due to increased turmoil in the poltiical system and economic markets. Silver Eagle sales were strong in the ...

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Billionaire’s Business Partner Warns About This System On Last Legs

Eric Sprott's business partner, John Embry, warned that the paper fiat currency system we've known for over 40 years is on its last legs in a recent interview with Eric King. Here's the report from King World News: "Eric King: John, people will email King World News and ask, 'What about a guy like John Embry? Does ...

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