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This Mining Stock Is Your Best Play on ‘The New Gold’

Welcome to the latter-day gold rush. The increasingly coveted substance is the silver-white metal called lithium, and it represents one of the most exciting opportunities in the resource sector.View post

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Gold And Silver Are On The Launching Pad

Price Action Over the Prior Week The metals have continued to act bullishly over the past week, with silver finally breaking through its important 17.85 level, after spending most of the week consolidating just below it. Moreover, it broke through on strong buying volume, which is what we want to see during a bullish move. View post

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Gold settles higher to a fifth day in a row

Gold futures climbed for a fifth-straight session on Wednesday as geopolitical uncertainty kept prices at their highest settlement level in about 13 weeks. View post

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Mining stocks upstage oil

Mining stocks are outpacing oil-related peers in a "reflation rally" sparked by U.S. President Donald Trump's election and the outperformance will last for at least another year if history is a guide. View post

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Gold price rebounds ahead of inauguration

The gold price rebounded back above $1,200 an ounce last night, ahead of Donald Trump becoming US president today.View post

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Gold-mining stocks could double in 12 months

The investing world has a wide perspective on the value of gold and mining stocks. You have those who are what many consider to be "gold bugs," who say you have to buy gold with every penny you own, no matter what the price. They basically believe the financial system as we know it is going ...

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