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Gold settles higher as traders await Trump-Xi meeting

Gold settled higher Thursday, for its fourth advance in the past five sessions, buttressed by anxiety ahead of a meeting between President Donald Trump and his Chinese counterpart Xi Jinping, and concerns that tax reform efforts could prove to be more difficult than once thought. View post

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Three Reasons to Consider Gold Now

In uncertain times, gold often becomes a popular investment because many investors see the precious metal as a safer haven than other options. Adding to gold’s allure is the strong performance of the metals sector in 2016. View post

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Wealthy Kids Save More for College, Thanks to the IRS

Billions of dollars are being socked away in an obscure federal college savings plan. Assets in college savings plans named for an obscure section of the Internal Revenue Service code hit a new record this summer, totaling $266.2 billion. That’s up 5.1 percent from a year ago, when assets in the accounts stood at $253.2 billion. Individual balances in so-called 529 ...

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Why Gold Prices Are Falling

Gold prices have been falling the last few days over speculation that the Federal Reserve will raise interest rates. Since gold does not pay its owners any interest or dividends, it tends to fall on rumors that interest rates will go up. Gold fell on Monday as pressure from speculation over a potential increase in U.S. ...

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Massive Pension Shortfall Leads This State to Drastic Measures

State and local pensions are in bad shape. Really bad shape. As you know, pensions are a promise to pay certain retirement benefits to pensioners. But right now, these pensions have $1.8 TRILLION less than needed to meet their obligations. Bloomberg reports: State and local pensions across the U.S. have $1.8 trillion less than needed to cover ...

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Gold Forecast from World’s Leading Trend Forecaster

While some people might be fooled by Janet Yellen's statements that the Fed could raise rates before the end of the year, Gerald Celente isn't one of them. Celente, the world's leading trend forecaster, has stuck true to his forecast for gold. Here's what he thinks will happen in the weeks and months ahead: Trend Forecast: While ...

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